Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Stores

Isn't it the truth... We mostly talk about our bad service, rarely our good service and on occasion our outstanding service. I am going to change this. I am going to talk about the good and outstanding service from now on. Forget the crappy service, that doesn't matter anyways, I'll make a bigger impact by just not going back to the places that provide crappy services, you know, like Panera?

Anyway, I have officially decided that I have two stores that are more stores for my athletic pursuits. Fleet Feet Columbus (running store) and Roll (cycling store)... If only I could find a swimming store!

Well, I don't want to make a long story long, so instead I'm really going to keep it short.

If you want outstanding service and a great experience, I totally recommend going to one of these stores. I had shoe issues and Fleet Feet took care of me in such a manner it only deepened my loyalty to the store. The only reason this stinks is because Front Runner is 2 minutes away and Fleet Feet is 20 on a good day.

Also, if you want patient and thorough assistance at a cycling store, and you are a woman and want a woman who is going to take care of your needs, Roll is the place for you. I'm not kidding, my friend and I took note of the fact that after we left the store, ate dinner and went back, customers were STILL there from an hour or so earlier. The good news with Roll is that there is a location 2 minutes away from me, but the sales person I really like is at the store that is 25 minutes away on a good day. That is not to say I wouldn't go to the store down the block, because they are JUST as awesome.

So on this day of new beginnings (right? that is what Easter is all about), I am going to express my delight more so than my frustration about experiences.

Perhaps there will be a more interesting blog post today, but for now I'll leave you with that.

Here are links for my two favorite athletic stores, check them out!

Fleet Feet Columbus:

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