Sunday, April 6, 2014

Where to get Potassium

Well, what did my weekend look like? Oh, you know, a typical Sarah weekend... I had a burger at Thurman's, watched the most exciting hockey game ever (Blackhawks won with three seconds to spare), ran a little, went to a Sheerer's potato chip factory, the football hall of fame, ate Amish, fell asleep during two movies and ate at Skillet, all the while spending fun times with the cousins and their technology!

I am a true fan of visitors, but it makes it even better when the visitors are up for an adventure. I mean, I can't stand sitting around watching the world revolve around me without participating.

So where are my bike adventures going to take me this summer? Well, all over the state of course, with field trips along the way. I mean, what better way to see the state than to use my athleticism to encourage trips to the Shawshank redemption jail, or Young's Dairy, or the world largest Amish buggy, or the presidential museum, or Kelly's island. The little road-side tourist stops are a missing part of American culture these days. I mean, seriously, where can you find a 6 story building built to look like a basket? Only along an off the beaten path in the middle of Ohio.

Let's get to the point here though... Potassium is a huge need for athletes. We lose so much of it while we sweat, as a result we have muscle aching and other significant problems when we are potassium deficient. What are some of the best foods to replace your potassium? Well bananas and the POTATO of course!!! Because of my cousin Marty, I learned that Ohio is the second largest producer of potato chips in the country. And now I have a new pit stop while making my rounds in Ohio to replace my potassium, the potato chip factory. Take your pick:


Go on a field trip on your bicycle and replace that potassium at a local potassium (err... potato chip) factory along the way. 

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