Friday, July 18, 2014

Getting Excited

I've put in the miles and I'm feeling ready. The bike ride is just around the corner and I'm extremely excited about it. I didn't take nearly enough photos of my training, but I have the fondest memories from moments on my bike this summer. I'm now 1000 miles into this journey and have close to two hundred more miles, before I embark on the 2 day 175 mile weekend!

I honestly can't thank everyone enough for their generosity through donations, support and care through this process. I am truly grateful.

I am going to have this last big push. Three folks are still seeking donations. My aunt, my mom and my cousin. Sadly, my mom and aunt had to back out of the ride because they both got bionic parts put in their bodies in the last two months. My cousin is planning is trek to Ohio from Colorado.

If you are interested in donating during this final push, here are the details to donate.

To donate to my cousin, David, simply click here. He is still seeking $290 donations.

To donate to my Aunt Mary, click here. She sadly can't ride, but would still like to raise a minimum of $300.

Finally, to donate to my Mom, click here. She got a new knee and can't ride either, but it going to be there to support us on our ride. She too, would like to raise at least $300.

Also, if you would prefer donating to me, you can click here.  My goal was $1500, and I'm almost there!

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