Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Letter to the Slow Runner

It has been a very long time since I have posted, to say I have been uninspired would be lying. The truth is that I have been watching this deluge of negativity floating around facebook about slow runners and I have been wanting to say something, but have been afraid that I was reacting without much thought, but I think I'm ready to get it out. This post is a letter to the slow runner, because I am one of the slow runners who has been discouraged.

Dear Slow Runner,

You may have noticed that races have been limiting their course times, which may inhibit your participation. I want to tell you to not be upset about the race limits! It is something you can strive to overcome when you are ready! I also want to tell you that there are races all over the country that will meet your needs, go and find one of those races, and do that race! Also, once you find one of those races, don't forget to go and cheer on the people who are running the race you initially planned to participate in, afterall, they may be crushing that course, or they might be falling behind the course time of that race, because it is a bad day for them, and they might need a smiling face to pick them up in the end!

I also want to remind you that everyone has their own journey. Your journey might include getting faster, getting skinnier, getting healthier. It is YOURS and enjoy it! Your journey might simply be to run, and there is nothing wrong with that. You are not responsible for taking on other people's expectations as your own! If you are happy with your pace, your body, your level of fitness, that is OK! Don't let others tell you that your journey is not good enough...

As a runner, you may see people you have looked up to for their tremendous achievements, who you have cheered on while they have trained to reach their goals, who were there and supported you when you ran your first big race even at your slow pace, who ran with you and were just as slow as you when you trained for your first big race, now making comments that you need to train harder to be your best; don't be discouraged! You are on your own journey and likely doing your best right now!!! However fast or slow you are, you are worth it! Embrace every step you are taking, because you are blessed with the ability to take that step, while others may not be. Love the start line of your next race, and love the finish line, even if it takes you 8 hours to get their. Celebrate your achievements and thank the people who were along for the ride, whether your training buddy, your on course support, your cheerleader!

I also want to remind you that one of the reasons you run is because of the amazingly supportive people, and friends you have made and will make along the way. Even though you may see some negativity from fellow runners, and it is very easy to focus on, there is more positive energy out there than negative. Find it and embrace it!!!

Finally, do not let other people tell you that you weigh to much, are too skinny, need more muscle tone to run your race... Sure, losing some weight and being more 'fit', whatever that means' may make things a little easier for you, they are not the be all/end all to being a runner.

The bottom line is this, go out and have fun! You are worth it, and many people are inspired by your journey!


A VERY slow runner


  1. My tears are from the inspiration that you give to me and others. Thank you!

  2. Negative people suck! Keep on truckin' Cus!