Sunday, March 22, 2015

Missing the Running Buddy

I don't really like running without my running buddy, but it is necessary from time to time. Yesterday was one of those circumstances... 9 miles with my running club, but my running buddy (awesome friend) was no where to be found! With very good reason though!!!

I have this whole long post about sportsmanship, but it is about the demise of sportsmanship, but based on what I experienced yesterday, I do think it more important to talk about the positive influences first!

I woke up at 7:35 for an 8:00 run with my running club. I debated even going because I literally did not think I had the energy and I didn't want to park very far from the finish of the run. We were advised to arrive early because of a competing event that would take up a big portion of the parking lot, and I woke up AFTER our advised arrival time.

Anyway, I left my house about 8 minutes before 8:00 and made the decision that if I got there and the parking lot was full, I would drive on and try to get my 9 miles in alone, later in the weekend. Lucky (?) for me, there was still parking in the other parking lot, and my group still hadn't headed out for their run... So, needless to say, I sucked up my lack of motivation and went for it, continually telling myself I could turn around at 2 miles, 3 miles, 4 miles... and then why not just make it to 4 1/2 miles, to make the full 9 mile run? And so that is what I did.

I want to start by saying that my good friend and running buddy is responsible for our fuel for long runs. This does not mean she is responsible for buying and providing all fuel, but instead that she brings it every week. Thankfully she forced GU on me when we ran on Thursday night, and so I had some in my car. She is always carrying more than me, and now I see why...

The run was hard, impossible as a matter of fact! So much so, I actually tried walking for a bit at mile 8. If you know me, you know that walking in the middle of a run is recipe for a falling over disaster. I tried anyway, and barely succeeded. I eventually got myself up to a jog again and made my way in to the high school, where I quickly collapsed and hung out on the ground for a few minutes.

In regards to the positive impacts of yesterday though... Our coach was there in the end to get me water and make sure I was OK, typically a task my friend takes care of (but she knows what snacks I like without even asking)... As I was approaching the highschool, two guys from my group gave me a quick high five (they finished before me), another girl from the group turned around and ran the last couple of blocks with me (she likely felt sorry for me cause I looked miserable), and one of my favorite coaches (I don't even know her name) offered me a ride to my car. I say all this because, although I missed my friend terribly on this run because I didn't have the perfect silence from misery, the quick laughs over something stupid, or the intense conversation about vegetable seeds, there were other people who tried to fill that friendly role in her absence! I can only hope they do the same for her next weekend.

None of this means she will ever be off the hook for training with me in the future, but rather recognizes how important my friend and running buddy is to me!

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