Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Merger

I was trying very hard to keep my two blogs separate. I honestly did not want to turn my athletic blog into something that it wasn't, a focus on multiple sclerosis, but I'm learning that the only way I can share my current athletic story is by acknowledging that having MS has impacted my athleticism. So, any good merger requires a name change. I had a ton of wacky names run through my head... Well actually only one; I was thinking of calling my blog the clumsy athlete, and then my friend put me in check, and so the name which was carefully selected over several hours of discussion... OK, OK, so it was a three text, text exchange... 'The Determined Athlete' was born.

As I move forward, I will be posting about the determination is takes to tackle various athletic pursuits. I will also cover topics related to multiple sclerosis, because it is important, at least to me!

So, why waste time... Let's just dive in!

The next few posts are already in process. Get ready to read about safe spaces, Grey's Anatomy, my numb foot, and the new MS exercise class I attend! The adventures and stories are endless, some more exciting than others, but all worth processing by this 'Determined Athlete'!!!

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