Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Feeling Proud

After a 4 miler with my best buddy.
I smile when I'm sad, and cry when I am happy... That is just wrong, right? Being a people pleaser, I'm always trying to make sure people around me are getting what they need first, sometimes with error and other times with grace; just depends on the circumstance. One thing, though, is that I will always do everything with good intentions. And I think it is safe to say, most people do what they do with good intentions.

So, I had a pretty awesome week this past week. I spent some time in Illinois with my family, and got to participate in the Soldier Field 10 miler. What a great race!!! I'll likely go back again for this one, but maybe not for a couple of years. We will see.

Like the Glass City Half Marathon, I contacted the race staff for some assistance at the finish line of this race. Basically, I requested to leave my cane at the med tent, let my sister wait at the end for me, etc. Unlike the Glass City Half Marathon, the process wasn't the smoothest... Somehow my cane ended up at gear check, my sister WAS able to wait for me, but that was after talking to the finish line folks and poking her way close to the finish line, and running through the stadium to find my cane so that I would have my tool to move around post race.

It may impact the timing on when I will do the race again, because I want to be more stable post run, and the Soldier Field 10 miler didn't prove to be the most accommodating for my current circumstance, but I do know they had great intentions, just fumbled with execution... BUT, that is not what this particular blog post is about.

Instead, I want to focus on this... I use a cane after difficult runs, I do the airplane, as my friend calls it, when I finish, but I finish!!! Not only do I finish, but I typically finish with a smile on my face!!!

So, when people ask me why I continue with this athletic crap/stuff/insanity, I am always going to respond with, because it makes me proud, even if it does drive me to a cane temporarily.

So when you see me struggling, or walking with a cane after a race, don't feel sorry for me, be just as proud as I am...

After the Soldier Field 10 Miler with my big sis, and a friend.

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