Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Curse is Broken, OR is it?

There's this trail in Johnstown, Ohio and every time we ride this trail there is some story... typically not a good one. As a result I call it the trail of doom!!! Basically, the trail is cursed...

Once again, my friend and I headed out to the trail of doom for a ride, not even considering the curse! It wasn't until we were almost to the trail head that we reconsidered our trail choice. You see, it was overcast and cloudy with a 100% chance of rain in about an hour, we were frantically checking our cell phones to see if the ride was even going to be worth it when I looked down and noticed I was almost out of gas. This should have been a sign, right? Wrong...

We trudged on, got to the trail head and unloaded our bikes. A nice gentleman in the parking lot made note of the clouds and casually asked if we thought we would get rained on. Of course!!! So, off we went, trailing behind the speedy dude, while chit chatting about the trail, weather and cow crap we could smell everywhere. We made note of the trail and simply rode. Next think we knew, we were half way through the ride. We stopped to snack and have a drink, while we sat there watching the clouds role in. It was like we didn't even care that the clouds were about to open up and dump their contents on everything. We simply continued snacking and then hopped on our bikes and headed back to the car.

On the way back to the car, I noticed a sign for a nursery that I heard was a must if you enjoy gardening at all. I'm now always in search of the delicate flowers with little petals, and especially enjoy walking the isles of a nursery that has unique finds. I asked if there was any interest in stopping there after we got back to the car. Thankfully my friend said yes!!!

Next thing, we were back to the car, loading our bikes. There happened to be some wild flowers near by, that I have been cloning (in other words cutting pieces of to plan at my friend's house), and I decided to take a walk to those flowers and dig a couple up. The flowers were back in the woods about 10 feet and I had on flip flops at this point, but I NEEDED to get some more (although others may have differing opinions). Anyway, we then got in the car and went to town for the best breakfast EVER! We went flower shopping, and enjoyed the uneventful ride in Johnstown.

After our ride this morning, we were commenting on how the curse must be broken because we didn't have any problems out in Johnstown yesterday. All the while, Sue was telling me to stop scratching. I had been scratching these bumps on my hands and legs since yesterday afternoon, after our ride on the trail of doom... I scratched and scratched!!! I sprayed calamine lotion on every itchy part of my body several times throughout the day. Over dinner tonight, I threw out the idea that I might have chicken pox. After all, people with autoimmune diseases can get chicken pox more than once. We laughed about my flare for the dramatics and decided that I just had some bug bites.

Well, on my way home tonight, I stopped at the store to pick up a couple of items, one of which was cortisone cream, and I decided to stop at the pharmacy counter to ask the pharmacist their opinion on my bumps. The pharmacist said, with 90% certainty, that I have poison Ivy... My reaction... WHAT!?!?!? That damn trail really is doomed...