Monday, January 3, 2011

100 Things I will do in 2011:

I do not do New Years resolutions; I instead set goals and stick to those goals. I only make that statement because I have a number of goals for myself and I try and update that list on an annual basis. The list helps guide my life and I get so much satisfaction when I can tick items off the list. Feel free to read through my an abridged version of "100 things I will do in 2011" and join me or support me along the way. I will blog about my accomplishments throughout the year. As always you will notice these goals are meant to keep me off the couch and will help me with my overall goal of health and happiness:

1) Write in my blog once a week

2) Run two half marathons

3) Run a full marathon

5) Ride a century

6) Do a triathlon

7) Do my dishes before I go to bed

8) Learn to play puff the magic dragon on my guitar

9) Participate in the warrior dash

10) Zip line in Hocking Hills

11) Run six days a week

12) Start lifting weights

13) Get an allergy test

14) Learn how to tune my bike

15) Pin my socks together

As I blog weekly you will learn more about my 100 goals. I would love it if you joined me along the way!

I am leaving you with wise words from a woman I met a couple of weeks ago: "If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of my body."


  1. Pin your socks together - LOLOL.
    And wash dishes before bed, um, I think you're trying to break a genetic habit there. Good luck!