Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Point of Marathons

Before I make a statement such as "I still don't get the point of football..." on facebook, I have to first make sure I have a FANTASTIC argument for running a marathon. I can always count on one of my dearest friends to keep me on my toes, which I absolutely appreciate.

Any time someone questions why I would even consider doing a marathon, or alluding to its pointlessness, you know I have to respond. Typically my response is something along the lines of, well who hasn't considered a marathon at some point? Haven't you? I just had a conversation with someone who told me they have NEVER considered doing a marathon. She followed that up with saying she never thought she could do a marathon because of her weight, which brought me back to my point; she has thought about doing a marathon, but instead thought about it from the other perspective. I think it pluses, she thinks in minuses.

I mean seriously, some people "consider' marathon runners crazy, some people "consider" marathon runners inspiring, other people "consider" marathon runners passionate, athletic, driven, motivated and the list goes on. I enjoy being considered any those descriptors.
I know there are negative descriptors out there for marathons and runners, but I will not even go there since running can be a mind game played with yourself. I like to think in those pluses I mentioned above...

So, as far as I see it the point of doing a marathon is that it encourage a healthy lifestyle while it appears to me that football in some cases encourages drunkenness and fattening snacks. So you choose... I know that I choose marathons but I will also give in and sit on my couch with a few lite beers and a tray of veggies to cheer on the Bears next Sunday. Why would I do that since I don't get the point of football? My response is that I value my relationships as much as I value my health. BEAR DOWN!!! (I think that is what they say in my hometown)
*I admit this is a quick rambling that may not make all that much sense to my valued and appreciated readers, BUT it certainly helped me sort out some of my thoughts on my next attainable goal :)

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  1. Um, BEAR DOWN is also an expression I remember from my childbirth experiences. Funny.

    And I, for the record, have considered doing a marathon, but instead have turned to other endurance sports, such as triathlon and long-haul swimming. And I always consider marathoners to be in the 'positive' category,that is, bad-ass hard-core focused driven people. Woot woot Sarah!!