Monday, February 7, 2011

Facing Reality

I'm ready to face reality. I am adding two posts this week; one in which I am all uplifty and this one. I wrote the previous post in an attempt to hide the reality but I am human and I am finally facing reality. I have fallen OFF the wagon and in a terrible way.

This is my "Oh Shit" moment.

First for a very funny story that has to do with my healthy afternoon snack. My friend sent me an email to let me know it was her afternoon popcorn snack time. I sent her an email back and said "that is really funny I just popped mine." She sent me an email to tell me I was GROSS and then realized the email did NOT say "I just pooped mine." She seriously thought I sent her that email... I'm still laughing about that exchange.

(Pic posted for my big bro)
Anyway, I have been in an exercise funk. I've gotten out for runs but not as consistently I should be. How can I expect anyone to come along for the ride with me if I have gotten off the roller coaster of health??? Well let's face it I am human and screw up sometimes. I am taking the reigns and going to beat up my body tomorrow to realize what I have been missing out on. I am going to Weight Watchers tomorrow night to face my reality. I should mention I have not fallen off the weight watchers wagon totally. I still go every week but I know my food intake has been terrible.

I have been reluctant to tell this story because I feel like a failure but the reality is, how do you get people to join you if you can't admit your own failures in conjunction with the successes.

Anyway, yes I like posting about my inspirations but I want to be the inspiration. I can not guarantee there will be fewer quotes from the biggest loser, but I can promise there will be more stories and truth as it relates to my journey.

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  1. Here's an idea. When you can't face a run, when you feel like you've fallen off the wagon, go do some other group exercisey thing at your gym, Zumba, yogalates, step, anything that gets blood flow. I seriously feel I've fallen off running and into other modes of exercise because (cop-out coming) my body doesn't have a proper build for running. I am certain that a speed-walk of 7.5K per hour does me more good than a true 'jog', and that a weights class or 'body jam' does me more good sometimes than a 5K run.

    Mix it up. Don't lament your lapse..