Sunday, February 13, 2011

Peer Pressure is Not ALWAYS Bad!

Yesterday while at a party I got the bug to get another person to join in on the running fun. My friend's friend seemed like the perfect target. I started out with a little nudging explaining that we run slow, would love an add on to our tiny little running group, and that it feels amazing when you finish a good run. The friend responded by covering her ears and saying "I heard about you and I'm not listening."

I saw a crack and wedged myself right in...

My friend and I started talking about how we first began together. I was training for the half marathon last year and my friend wanted to start running. I would run my first mile with my friend and then continue on to complete my 5-10 mile training run. We talked about how we move slowly, love company and enjoy the positive results from running.

At this point my friends friend repeated that she heard about me and wasn't buying it so my friend joined in with the reverse psychology tactic. Within minutes we had an addition to our group and we will be running together today. I think our final selling point was the story about the first 5k my friend and I ran together last year. We talked about our 50,000 friends at the starting line of the Race for the Cure, the bands that lined the race course and the positive vibe we felt through the entire race.

Peer pressure has a bit of a negative connotation as does contagious. If you have ever seen the movie Pay it Forward you will understand that I like to think of our behavior yesterday as Paying it Forward rather than peer pressure since the overall result is positive. My sisters/brother got me involved and ultimately changed my life. It is now my responsibility to do the same for others.
Now to see if the addition to our running group is going to act and join us today.


  1. Hmm. It's funny that the peer pressure that got me re-named as the 'exercise bully' a dozen or so years ago, is now something to be greatful for. Am happy for you Sarah. I swam in the pool at work this AM with a gal who had not swum a proper 100 yards in over 30 years. And she's up to 800 yards now, in less than a month. It's fun when you can rope people into something rewarding.

  2. Agreed!!! Christina, to be honest I never understood your talent/art form until now. I would be proud if someone called me the exercise bully...