Monday, February 21, 2011

We're Talking about Feet People...

You can have so many problems from running and so far I have been fairly lucky. I haven't had hamstring, knee, hip or shin problems; but rather enough foot problems to drive a woman crazy. I should mention that not all of these problems are even notable. In fact one of these problems is just a major nuisance in the grand scheme of things.

Before you read on please understand I am doing a lot of self diagnosis in life and in the remainder of this blog so BEWARE!!! Just because you might feel some of these problems in your feet you should probably not take my advice because wikipedia, the mayo clinic online and google have all been my doctor friends during this journey.

A newer problem occurs on the top of my right foot. I get a strange foot pain when I step where I believe the deltoid ligaments all attach in my foot. I've been shrugging it off because it only happens when I step in a funny way, wear heals or twist my foot. My cure for this problem is to wear very good supportive shoes when I run. So far this cure has been working well.

Additionally my plantar fascia is back. It is strange because I was explaining to someone this week that I only had major plantar fascia problems in the past when I was both running and cycling. I haven't started training for the century ride yet so was somewhat perplexed when I woke up a week ago and took that first painful step. You know the one, it happens when your heel hits the floor and you have splitting pains shoot into your heel, and if it is really bad makes you want to lay back down. As I was talking with, or I should say emailing back and forth with, this person who knows a lot more about being an athlete than me, she told me cycling really shouldn't bother your plantar fascia. I started reflecting back upon the last time I had plantar fascia problems and recognized the problems were not necessarily associated with the cycling but instead the crappy shoes I was wearing while running.

So what am I going to do to avoid the splitting pain every morning? I'm going to exchange my pennies for cash and run to Road Runner with my $25 coupon and replace my shoes. I am hoping that is the cure all for my problem. AND if that doesn't work I am going to buy those sleeping straps, stretch my feet in the morning and then hope and pray that I don't feel the daggers in my feet when I take my first step.

The last and probably most annoying yet inconsequential problem I have experienced involves my socks... You see it doesn't matter how short my toe nails are or how fancy my socks I manage to poke a hole in my socks during EVERY run. I can tell you there is not a more annoying and frustrating feeling than getting what I am calling a toe wedgie while running. The toe pokes the hole and then the sock slowly creeps up to the point that when I take off my shoes my big toe is fully exposed and the sock is hugging my entire toe.

I can not continue to replace my socks on a weekly basis so if you know of the indestructible sock please let me know.

*This photo is affectionately called 'Dirty Hippy Feet' and taken at a fantabulous music festival two years ago. Can you guess what foot belongs to me?


  1. Sarah: I have the plantar issues as well and bit the bullet and went to the foot md. $250 later and new custom made insoles my feet are good. I wear them every day- in most my shoes- so when I wear shoes that my insoles don't fit into - I have a bit of foot funk but nowhere near what it was before. Also- I have good running shoes- and Merrel's to bum around in... I also have the "boot" go to and get it to sleep in. It takes awhile to get used to- I made it through 4hours a night at first- but now I can make it all night and NO foot pain in the am. But- I'd go to the foot doctor to make sure it's not too serious.

  2. i love those feet pics! i have way too many from my days, too...i especially love when they've earned the dirt and dust of adventures! my guess is your foot belongs to green teva-looking sandal?

  3. Nope, I'm all Birk and bandana on the leg... And Thanks Jill for your advice. Once I get my allergies tested I'll head to the foot doc...

  4. hmm. Knock wood, every so often i have achey feet in the AM and I blame it on the encroaching middle age and a family history of arthritis. No athletic foot issues to date. Cross fingers.

    I'm sure Jill is right, a good doc and proper shoes are a must. As for your toe-wedgies, i find that amusing. How about loosely taping your toes together with medical tape?