Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Little Inspiration

No one can ever get too much inspiration. About six years ago I passed out on the YMCA pool deck after the BEST swim workout of my life. I totally forgot it was the best swim workout because I was blinded by the incident which included my face and body planting on the metal bleachers and finally on the hard tile pool deck. It was one of those moments you would only expect to see on TV: Person passes out, doctor is present to be the good Samaritan, Pool staff has banana in back pocket, and another swimmer gives me Gatorade. I recovered quickly; as a matter of fact that same night I was at the bar getting drunk with my bestest friend!

It took me years to get over that incident. Every time I went to the pool I was worried that I was going to pass out again, every time I went out for a run I thought I was going to hurt myself, and every time I hopped on my bike I thought I was going to get hit by a car or fall off. I still went to the pool, hit the trails and rode my bike but never comfortably. It is many years later and I rarely think about that moment anymore because I started drawing inspiration from new, positive sources.

I realized that when I would experience a 'tragic' moment in my life I would focus on the tragedy rather than what I learned from that moment. I am now in the habit of focusing on the good things. Do you remember that extremely difficult run I had a few weeks ago? Do you also remember that I finished that run and felt great afterwards? Yeah, I do too. Of course I remember that I broke down, but what I learned from that moment is that I can get through any struggle.

This morning, while engaging in my favorite Sunday morning activity, otherwise known as Facebook, I ran across a video posted by both my sister and cousin about Rick and Dick. Dick wanted to run a marathon and Rick instead of focusing on why Dick couldn't run a marathon, focused on making Dick's dream come true. This is not the same video I saw on facebook but it is a great interview with Rick. I am going to draw inspiration from this for quite some time. Take the five minutes to watch. It will change your life:


  1. I love watching the Ironman because they tell of these amazing stories of the people who overcome and finish.