Monday, July 4, 2011

Capturing the Weekend

I have many of visions of a perfect blog post regarding dreams; stay tuned it will appear in the near future.

Instead I am going to tell you about my adventures of a long unplanned weekend...

The Fourth of July was approaching and I had no plans. It was killing me to think that I might lay on my couch watching TV while the world continued to rotate without my full participation (remember I am a bit dramatic). I started getting anxious and began planning berry picking, canning, cleaning, etc. I was determined to not lay around. What I got from bad planning was instead an awesome weekend with friends and great exercise.

I went to my friends house on Friday night and made some plans to connect the next day to go berry picking. I did my morning run in the rain and humidity, nine miles to be exact. I met my friend at the North Market since we couldn't find a place to pick berries. The weekend exploded from there. I walked around the zoo, went to the waterfalls in Columbus, fixed my bike, went to the beach, went for a bike ride, met a friend for dinner, went to a parade today and grilled some tasty veggies.

Among all of this fun I decided to stop in Fleet Feet on Sunday to see what runs were happening on the Forth of July. I needed to run 5 miles today and figured I could find some event to get some of my miles in. I found the Freedom Four Miler. It was so much fun!!! There were only two hundred participants and the race ran along a parade route. The roads were lined with people who were patiently waiting for the parade to begin and they cheered us on along the way. The field of runners for this race were so fast that I believe I was the second to last finisher but the support from the crowd was amazing.

Exercise has changed my life for the better. It has allowed me the ability to enjoy every activity to the fullest!

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