Sunday, August 7, 2011

And So the Story Goes...

This week has been interesting on so many levels! I'm going to stick with the running levels though...

First I had experienced pure euphoria, most likely because of an amazing pace coach who made me realize that everyone has hard days. The true test is sticking with it and making it through the tough days. The quiet nature and gentle words spoke volumes about the care he puts into helping people across the finish line. I'm going to have to say thank you next time I see him.

I had a moment of, it could have been me, this week. My favorite bike path has fallen victim to a man approaching people with a knife. I should have been in the same location at the same time as the woman who was approached but for some reason I wasn't. Call it what you will but I'm calling it luck. It wouldn't have bothered me as much as it did but it was at 3:00 in the afternoon. I guess I need to find a new bike/run route to work for awhile and check the news to see if he was caught. I never go out for a run alone after dark and now I have to worry in the day light as well. I have never really believed in running with an iPod. It just doesn't work for me. Every once in a while I put the plugs in my ears but I miss out on so much when I do. I love hearing my breathing, the rhythm of my feet pounding on the ground, the birds, river flowing, my constant talking to myself (yes I talk to myself when I run alone) and my thoughts. Music clouds my running judgement and makes it more difficult for me to hear bikes, other runners or crazy people approaching me from any direction. Be careful out there friends!!!

Yesterday I was grooving for the first four miles of my run and then I hit a speed bump. This was actually less of a speed bump and more of a gap in the concrete that popped all four of my wheels. When I hit this patch I took the time to regroup, think about how fortunate I am, remember the words that so many wise friends have shared with me this week and moved on. The remainder of my run was less stellar than I would have liked but regardless I ran, I enjoyed, I conquered. After all the goal is to finish the marathon NOT kill the marathon. 

This is a journey that I know will last beyond a 26.2 mile road race. It lasted past two 13.1 mile road races. I love running and the truth is that this journey is my destination. 

Of course no good blog of mine comes without a song. Here is some Johnny Cash for my faithful readers:

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  1. How scary about the guy with the knife on your trail! Seems like there have been several guys with knives running around this area lately. I hope they caught him!