Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When in Doubt

A couple of things I have to say today. I know this is two in one week but this one might actually have a point? You tell me!

First I have to say, when I am in doubt about what I am about to post on my blog I should take a step back and press the delete button. Last night's post was TERRIBLE!!! I don't know whether I should thank my close friends or shame my close friends for NOT telling me to take that crap down. Well at least the video was good! And yes I am leaving it because it will remind me to reflect before I post.

I discovered today how crucial running is to my mental health. I had a somewhat frustrating day. It was long, tiring, mentally draining and the list goes on. I got home and was exhausted. I thought it might be nice to take the night off and just lounge around my freshly cleaned house. I was sitting on my couch, reading a book and I got the itch. Without even thinking, I was in my favorite running clothes and at the corner of Goodale and Grandview Avenue. I got about two and a half miles from my house before I even realized I was running. An old friend of mine asked me yesterday when I became so hard core; I think the answer is today. I know that if I am ever doubting a run I need to strap on the shoes and go.

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