Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Traveling and Running?

One major struggle I have encountered over he last five years has been maintaining a training schedule when I am traveling for work. This really would not be a problem if most of my work travel took place over the winters as winters are appropriate times, in my mind, to take exercise sabbaticals. I could feel myself slipping slowly on Saturday morning. I wasn't even on the road yet but for some odd reason I found myself oversleeping until 6:30, and then 7:00, and then 8:00. I convinced myself when I woke up that I would put my things together for my dog sitter and then head out for 10 miles.

Well, Sunday came and went with little success for logging any substantial mileage and so the story goes...

It is Tuesday now and I hang my head in shame as I consider the limited opportunities that have presented themselves to me to get in a good workout session; I have only minimally capitalized on those opportunities. I am feeling both thankful and frustrated about the remainder of my week. I was smart enough to schedule running 'dates' with friends through the remainder of my trip and for this I am thankful, but am somewhat frustrated that I have not been able to embrace the peace and serenity running provides back home in Columbus, while on the road.  

So here I am awake, restless but also wildly exhausted at 4:20 in the morning plotting my next move. I could continue to toss and turn or I could go and log a couple of miles on the treadmill before my running date this morning.  What would you do?

UPDATE: It is now 10:02 pm and I am on my blog again. I did NOT take a nap today but I did get in two runs. The first run was three miles past the White House and around the Washington Monument. It was an awesome run. The second run involved a trip to Maryland with a very hospitable DC local who took me to her group run. We ran five miles on a route that people out here would call flat; not to my Columbus, Ohio standards. It was great to spend time with a great person. Another example of how the running community comes together!!!


  1. i've heard that once you're up like that, just get out of bed. alas, i usually just roll over and close my eyes, hoping for more sleep. i say if you had a running date already, then you would've been fine to stay in bed!

  2. The change of scenery you get in a new locale is always a nice change, once you get out there.