Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bonus Post: Outcomes

I consider myself a fairly well rounded person. I work hard at most things I do with the exception of cleaning. I mentioned in my post last week that I truly enjoy bringing friends along for the ride when I embark on new athletic adventures. This helps me maintain balance; I get friend time and workout time all wrapped up into one. They also remind me to come up for air if I start getting in over my head.

A few weeks ago I was on the phone with one of my friends talking about how I got her into running. She ran a 5k with me and then another and then a 10 miler and then a half marathon. We still run together to this day! We started talking about foiled plans in 2012 to do a triathlon relay together, along with another friend of ours...

Unfortunately, one of the players in the relay team is unavailable this year but we were still talking about wanting to make this relay happen. As this conversation was progressing, another friend was listening and swiftly announced that she would swim!!!

My immediate reaction was similar to a little kid who was just given their first video game, they never want to stop playing! I of course jumped on her committment, found a race and swiftly got our cyclist on board. Now to do it!!! While all this was happening one of my friends said to me that I just got myself another 'outcome'. We all laughed, and I considered this statement and talked about it but I have come to realize that bringing someone along is not an outcome but instead an infection that spreads. This getting in shape thing really is contagious and I'm just another player along for the ride.

So I'm going to ask all of my exercise buddies to rally around an addition to our elite club as I and a couple of inspiring and amazing women train to do a Olympic Distance Triathlon relay in July. It will be a little over a month after my first iron distance tri, and my team mates first venture into organized endurance sports. The only outcome I anticipate from this event is increased confidence and a deeper respect for my friends/team mates!

And here is a walk through memory lane of adventures I have embarked on with friends over the years in no particular order.

My first 10k about four years ago!

My first half marathon 3 years ago. 

My friend's first 5k about two years ago.

My friend's first 10 miler. 

The Warrior Dash two years ago. 

My second 10 miler with my sister!

A triathlon with my sister and friend three years ago. 

Bike the drive four years ago with my cousin!
No good post comes without a picture of my dog in his new ride!

Olympic Distance Triathlon last year (outfits were NOT planned). 


  1. That's awesome!! Nothing better than getting to do what you love with friends!

  2. That is awesome. I was scrolling through the pictures and thought, "Where's our race?" And then there it was. I'll be with you again in July doing the Olympic Du. I loved that race!