Sunday, February 3, 2013

Diet Coke

I haven't been this sore in a long time. I ran six miles yesterday but I also ran six miles on Wednesday. I wasn't sore on Thursday but damn my body is feeling it today. I blame it on the strength training Friday. On top of it my PF has flared up on the opposite foot that sidelined me in the fall. I have been stretching the heck out of my foot and calf hoping for relief. I promised myself when I went through Physical Therapy that I would religiously do my exercises FOREVER!!! Well, forever slowly turned into when I feel like it; that does not produce results. 

Yesterday I got my common sense back and I committed to daily PF exercises for one week. Did them yesterday and already did them today. Everything can be done for a week! For example, this week I decided to quit ingesting aspartame. Why is this a big deal? Well I had an extreme addiction to Diet Coke! I honestly had myself convinced that I only drank a couple of Diet Cokes a day, but have come to realize I was drinking mostly Diet Coke every day. I will admit I quit drinking Diet Coke as a joke because I read an article about how aspartame causes formaldehyde poisoning. However, I have found research to refute this 'fact' but onward I went with my commitment to give up Diet Coke. Today I have seven days free of Diet Coke!!!

So, what does this have to do with anything? 

All of this is about control. I didn't take control of my PT exercises and here I sit feeling slightly injured again. I haven't been mindful of my strength, which is why my body is feeling the challenge of my last two work outs. I was no longer honest with myself regarding the amount of Diet Coke I was drinking on a daily basis and here I sit wishing for just one more sip...

I should mention my training is still going well and it is all in thanks to my good friends, running group AND myself for taking control and sticking with it!

But damn I just want a Diet Coke!!!!!!!

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  1. Wow! I have vastly cut down the amount of diet coke I ingest, but I have a hard time trying to envision cutting it out altogether! That is a true testament to your willpower!