Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stubborn Love

I have completed a full week of my half iron training. I swear, when I cross the finish line of this event I'm getting a crazy tattoo to commemorate all the effort that has been put into it! After one week I have logged almost 70 miles of activity. The truth of the matter is that in just one day in June I will have covered a similar distance. Did you get that? In ONE day over 70 miles.

On the music front I have been kind of obsessed with the Lumineers lately and especially obsessed with the song Stubborn Love. The song Stubborn Love has been especially enlightening because the chorus repeats over and over again to keep your head up, keep your love. Now, I realize this is supposed to be some strange love song but I've turned it into some strange training song instead!

Training and the friends that come along with it emulate an unconditional love... You keep your commitments to your training and your training buddies/friends regardless of the situation which allows you to keep strong even in difficult times. Kind of like my love for my dog even though he likes to wake me up early in the morning on sleep in days with a swift lick to the face or bark with his nose almost touching my nose. I suspect I will come to love this intense training schedule by the end of this training cycle.

I actually made it through this first week of training fairly unscathed! Sure I walked away from one of my runs  this week with tears streaming down my cheeks. What were the tears for? I don't know. I didn't hurt, the run felt fine but for some reason I was reacting to my environment  This is where the Lumineers came into play again. On the radio, the first lyrics I heard that night, after the run, were It's better to feel pain, than nothing at all. As I mentioned before, I have no idea what I was feeling but I was feeling something, and damn it, that was a gift. One of my friends pointed out that the tears could have been from sheer exhaustion, but they also could have been because I was feeling loss of my relaxation time. I don't know but those lyrics kept ringing through my ears...

With that being said, the next phrase in the song is "the opposite of love is indifference" and I certainly don't feel indifferent. I am already noticing physical changes to my body and have certainly noticed a change in my attitude. I love this feeling. It is giving me this confidence that I can do this thing!

So I decided that I need to pay attention to the positives rather than the negatives! Which is interesting too because the Lumineers pointedly state in the next phrase of the song: "So pay attention now, I'm standing on your porch screaming out, and I won't leave until you come downstairs." Perhaps the tears were exactly what I needed, they were the gift that made me open my eyes and notice all these positive changes.

Whatever the case, I went on and finished my week of training and am looking forward to going into the next week stubbornly sticking to my training schedule with my head up!

I should note that I'm fairly certain the Lumineers wrote this song about love and were not planning on it being interpreted by some crazy athlete from Ohio who likes to compare everything to her athletic pursuits.


  1. I love your posts. Yeah, they were totally thinking about inspiring someone like you! Congrats on a great week of training! You've got this!

  2. I rather enjoyed that song. Congrats on finishing your first tough training week! You are a rock star, seriously.