Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keep Truckin'

It was so sad to watch the news coverage yesterday from Boston. As I said to one of my friend's, one of the places I find the most joy is on a race course! Now that very joyful place is the scene of a terrorist attack; at least that is what the media tells us! During this time as I remember the injured, the families of the injured, the runners, the innocent bystanders and those who died, I also remember the joy I feel when I toe the start line of a race. Damn it I will not let this situation take that joy away from me. As a matter of fact none of us should. The best way to overcome this is to lace up those shoes and keep doing the thing we love! Log some miles for those who can't anymore! Today I will wear a race shirt with many others because the only thing I know how to do in this situation is show my support. In the words of my soon to be sister in law keep truckin'!!!


  1. So true. It is making me question a place where I always feel the most peace. Makes me very sad.

  2. Got my race shirt on. Got my miles in. Run on, friends!!!