Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Beauty of the Sideline

I had the pleasure of watching a number of my friends race the race that they have been dreaming of. That sub two hour half marathon, a sub two hour and fifteen minute half marathon, PR after PT today! The best part was that I got to be on the sideline and have absolutely no shame in being there! I have had issues in the past with being the cheerleader at races because I always feel like I should be on the course doing what everyone else is doing. The reality is we all have to recognize our own goals and stick with them and be encouraging to each other along the way.

It is no secret to my regular readers that I have fairly aggressive goals this year. They include a PR at my half marathon, finishing my half iron tri and some open water swimming events. I have taken a different tactic and rather than solely focusing on running I have been swimming and cycling. Someone asked me a couple of years ago if I would do something that I totally hated just so I could keep running and I answered with an enthusiastic, of course I would! Well this year I have been scared that this change in direction and a more intense inclusion of other sports would water down my love of running but it has done the exact opposite! By changing my focus a bit I have been enjoying no injuries this year and I think that it has allowed me to keep running rather than being sidelined because I simply can't run (like last year).

Watching old and new friends run their races today reignited my passion for running. Every type of endurance athlete was represented today. Their were the fast runners, the slow runners, the enthusiastic runners, the race walkers, the casual walkers on the course and they all had a purpose! Whether they were running for a cause, to PR, to encourage a friend or simply because they can, they were all their doing it!

Being the cheerleader was a gift that I hope others choose to give their friends in the future because what you get from it can be just as rewarding to you! I never regret the early morning to go and find the odd location on the sidelines to scream my friends' names as they dash by. The smiles they throw at you, the hugs at the end of the race are all worth it!

Long story short, runners (and race walkers) are awesome!


  1. LOL! Thank you SO much for being there! That was such an awesome surprise! You are awesome and I hope to see you PR the half too!

  2. Greatest magical appearance out of nowhere ever. Thanks again!

  3. I love the title of this post - because you and Sue were two of the most beautiful things on that sideline. I love the spot you picked out - so unexpected and AWESOME to see you both.

    I love this post...and you for doing these things!