Sunday, April 28, 2013

Race Plan...

What's that???

I'm not a big planner. I talk in vague terms. I am not detail oriented. I schedule potlucks and forget to have someone bring the plates and silverware. I put things on my schedule and forget to register. I register without looking at my schedule. The bottom line is I don't like being tied down and I like to do things because I like to do them. For instance, I run because I love to run. With that said, I have been obsessing about the half marathon I am running next week and have no clue why. So here is my 'plan' and what I am obsessing about... I want to PR this race.

Now ask me what my plan is... Yep, don't really have one. My friend Sue has listened to me talk about this race all season long. It is amazing to me that she still runs with me because I am quite certain that I am probably the third most annoying person on the trail. Oh and don't ask who the most annoying are because I'm not telling!!! The plan hasn't even changed that much over time. It is to start out slow, I mean painfully slow, and speed up as the race continues.

I have friends who make plans that are so detailed that they print out splits that they then tape to their arms to make sure they actually PR, or hit their goal. I have plans of starting out painfully slow and speeding up as the race continues.

I have other friends who set their watches to beep at each mile, or are set to beep when they are running too slow or too fast. Yep, that sounds like way too much work for me. I'd have to learn how my watch works, which would require me to find a manual and peek at it. That is not going to happen! After all my plan is to start out painfully slow and speed up.

I really can't get into this whole planning thing. I'm not good at it, I don't really care all that much about my pace. All I care about is having fun, running well and not pooping my pants while I'm at it.

Unfortunately my got runs sign will be in my closet for this race! But I'll bring it out when I spectate my next race!!!

In the mean time my lack of planning has found me registering for a few more events. I am hoping when I get to work and put this stuff on my calendar it will all work out. I will be participating in the Cap City Half Marathon (next weekend), Soldier Field 10 miler, Greenswell Aqathalon, the Wendy's Triathlon and the Highbanks Triathlon. All of that before the end of June!

How is that for a plan!!!

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  1. Your plan sounds good to me! Those are the best kind of plans!