Sunday, November 10, 2013

Consistency = Friend

The past couple of weekends, I have had the honor/pleasure of helping a friend with a pretty big house project... I'm not going to go into details but like any house project,  the endless trips to Home Depot, the staring at the project, the researching and the labor are tiring, but 100% pleasurable when you can laugh along the way!!! So, who cares, right? Well, I have officially decided that housework is a workout. I used to think it was lame when people would use cleaning their house for weight watchers exercise points. Here is the thing, if it is out of your normal routine, those simple tasks really can be a workout.

So, here I am, week 2 of this awesome project... And knowing there will be more in the future, I am ecstatic about the benefits I have reaped as a result of this project.

Here are the details of my life... Over the past several weeks, I quickly gained 17 pounds because I was sick and had to take some medicine that contributed to that weight gain.

You know what has contributed to shedding it just as quickly? Drinking a TON of water, running very consistently AND house projects...

In regards to the consistency, the more you do these projects, the easier they get. It is like endurance with running. I sure am tired, but I could keep going because I have consistently been increasing my effort. Do I want a break? Absolutely, why do you think I am blogging right now... So I can sit down for a few minutes...

But this project has really made me reflect on my running. You all know that I have been struggling this summer. I can honestly say the struggle is subsiding. I have been VERY consistent with my running and pushing myself through those hard times. Because I have been consistent, I have had significant progress in my running and am beginning to love the workout again. What I am here to tell you (which you probably already know) is that consistency really is your friend. If you nurture your running, like nurturing a friendship, you will have enormous gains and those gains are always worth it...


  1. So true, Sarah! Steve could use your help finishing up the kitchen! Lol!

  2. As always, thanks for your insight. Hope to see you on the trails again soon.