Sunday, November 24, 2013

Where's the Balance?

Whoa, I swear I only had one glass of wine. Have you ever had to say that because suddenly you were off balance and couldn't seem to stand up straight? I know I have, on several occasions actually.

In life, there are moments where things may seem off balance. There are some theories that include a triangle, each point, or side, of the triangle represents something in life. I honestly don't recall, at all, what those points include but some theorists (if I'm remembering correctly) say that we are all striving for balance but one of the sides of the triangle will always be a little shorter than the other.

I'm always seeking balance, even in my athleticism, which is likely why I gravitated to triathlons in the very beginning. It gave me something different to work on every day and taught me that by working on every sport, your race would be better.

Now let's take racing out the the equation. Yes, I love the start line of a race, and even more I love the finish line, but what about the fun of it all? Here is where the balance comes into play... I am planning on this very fun half marathon in the spring, but the reason I am looking forward to it has little to do with the start and finish line. I'm excited about the journey to get to the start, that will also hopefully carry me through the finish. But more importantly, I am excited for the adventure surrounding that race. Think waterfalls, wine, greenery, parks, a little history... Oh yeah, and training of course! This race is about finding the balance and the fun in racing again.

Now, let's take it a little further re: balance. I used to want to be a faster runner. I would have loved to be able to say I was a 10 minute miler, but every time I have gotten faster I have crashed into a wall of injury. Perhaps that was always my body telling me to find the balance, continue loving what you are doing and enjoy the activity for what it is.

Recently, I was feeling slightly down about what I have NOT accomplished this year. Only one half marathon, one 10 miler, one half ironman, two 5 milers, one 4 miler and a 5k soonish. To some people, that may look like a pretty hefty race calendar, but when you are surrounded by the super athlete, that short list can make any person feel unaccomplished. To remember what I have accomplished, I took a moment to look back and regain my footing. This summer alone there were hundreds of miles of cycling (upwards of 600 miles), and hundreds of miles of running. Why am I feeling off balance? Because I am basing my perspective on others...

So here is what I challenge you to do, next time you find yourself feeling off balance from a small shift in behavior, a drink, a run, I'd encourage you to take a look around and evaluate what is important and WHY it is important. It could be that you need to stretch out of your comfort zone to find a new balance, or readjust and find the correct footing for you again. Or it could be that you are basing your balance on some one else's definition of success.

For now, I'm going to enjoy my unsteady feet and keep blaming it on that glass of wine, because it is stretching me to remember what running is for me... A little exercise, relationships, the beauty of the trail and the fun with my friends.


  1. Ahhhh, sweet balance. I'd like to have some. However, I like the wine part. Thank you for the inspirational thoughts!

  2. Such a great perspective. I think I may have provided said wine. I am proud of you and what you've accomplished this year. You are amazing.