Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Dukie

Dukie, not to be confused with dookie, is my dog. He isn't just a dog, but rather the best dog!

When Dukie took over my world we ended up being fast friends. He was here for less than two weeks when a terrible storm rolled through town and Dukie was in my bed, laying right on top of me in seconds flat after the clap of the loudest thunder. I laid there and pet him as he was shivering in fear and I knew he found the right home. After that night Dukie got comfortable taking over my bed and life and, now, literally follows me around the house from the moment I wake up, until I go to bed. He is a tripping hazard, but one I would NEVER trade. He makes me happy and loves me in a way that no human could ever love another person.

I should mention how Dukie came to be with me. Dukie was my nephews' dog and when my sister's family moved to the United Arab Emirates, Dukie needed a new home. I could not have this guy go to a stranger and so he moved 1,300 miles to his retirement home. He has been my buddy for six years at this point, although I have known him for thirteen.

A few years ago, Dukie and I were at my parent's house (also known as Dukie's grandparents house) to visit my nephews' and niece, who were in town for the summer from the UAE, I was walking around talking about my dog and I noticed one of my nephews crying on the back porch. I went and sat down next to him and asked him what was wrong. My nephew told me that "Dukie is NOT your dog, he is my dog, and he is going to live with me when I come home from the UAE." I instantly looked around for parent backup because at that point, Dukie and I had a bond that was/is undeniable and there was NO way I would ever let him leave my side. No parents were in sight so I had to tell my nephew that Dukie was absolutely his dog and will forever be his dog, but is now happily in his retirement home and was going to stay with me. I should mention that this was a selfish statement at the time, but I honestly don't think Dukie could have handled another big move, but selfishly, I couldn't bear the thought of my life without Dukie.

Dukie and I have been on road trips together, we have cried together, we have been mad at each other, but at the end of the day we really LOVE each other. My human friends are amazing, and I have never felt as much love from my friends as I have this summer. The thing is, like some friend become your family, Dukie also is my family!!!

He is my contstant, my peace, my companion and my best friend. Thank you Dukie for putting your head on my shoulder every time I cry, giving me a laugh and teaching me the finer points of unconditional love. It is because of this little man/pup that I have been able to build and maintain some of the best friendships of my life. All because of a dog!!!

Here is a picture diary of some of my favorite moments with Dukie. I have been blessed to have him in my life for six years, and I truly hope there are more years to come!!!
Like a kid, always needs to be in the picture. 

Dukie at the beach.
Dukie relieving himself on federal property. 
Dukie at the Trail of Tears.
Dukie at the Indian Mounds.
The Hawaiian Dog!!!
Pure Love!
Dukie frolicking. 
The exhausted dog!
Dukie with his REAL pals.
Cold Dukie!

Snow Storm
Big Road Trip, Missouri
Dukie at my Marathon
Dukie after the terrible attack
The distinguished dog in Oklahoma
Getting ready to road trip. 
Helping with the poster party!
The best travel companion!

Me and Dukie.

Camping 2013

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