Sunday, December 29, 2013

Live a Little!!!

I totally forgot to blog last week! I also forgot to exercise, or something like that.

I spent a week in Chicago playing with the kiddos, baking, finishing gifts, going to party after party; in general having a fantastic time with my family. I woke up several mornings with my pup convinced I was going to run and the minute I would step on the back porch, to the tune of -10 degree windchill and a very slippery ground, I would rush inside and wrap up under a blanket!

Well, because I'm running the Niagara Falls Women's half marathon in June with my best buddy and company, I need to buck up and go out when it is cold! I love running in the cold, so what possibly is the problem?

Well, here is the problem. I took the last six months off from intense training. You see, this year has been challenging yet FANTASTIC, both physically and mentally. I also gained six pounds since Thanksgiving. YIKES!!!

So now is the time to get back into it! I will set my goals and probably blog about them on New Year's or next week, but you can count on a continuation of the blog. Instead I just want to highlight the adventures of Sarah and Company in this blog; kind of an end of year tribute?

The year started out with plans of doing several races, none more significant than the other, rather just different. But there was so much more than just races, and that is what has rounded my life out the most and made this year so fantastic. You already know about the two five milers, one four miler, one half marathon, 10 miler and half iron man. All very cool accomplishments that I am extremely proud of. What you probably didn't hear as much about, because this blog is focused on my athleticism, are all the other activities that allowed me to live like we all should live on a daily basis.

You see, I was at Church with my family on Christmas and the priest asked the congregation whether they would be interested in receiving 86,400 on a daily basis. I read between the lines because he only mentioned money briefly, I had a feeling the 86,400 was something more significant that a dollar. In fact it was, he was talking about the amount of seconds in a day. He used the common phrase that is out there about the present being our present and we should always take advantage. You know what? He is right... That saying is right...

Here's my story:

This past year, I spent many seconds crying. Hell, I cried yesterday for who knows why... I cried my eyes out after watching Hachi: a dog's tale, a few days ago, I have cried for sadness and joy. I cried when my dog swallowed corn cobs and we talked about comfort care because he was never going to pass them. I cried for joy when the vet told me he successfully passed everything (with her help) and he was going to be OK. I cried when I went to the hospital because I felt so sick, but I also laughed...

There was a dinner with my friends after a run, in which I was told to remember that I am a lady, I don't remember what was so funny about that night but I remember the hearty laughter that left us all with sore cheeks and crampy sides. I laugh every time I am with my friends, even if I had cried several minutes before. I have laughed about my own infliction and those of my friends. I have shared the joy of crossing finish lines, I about busted a gut when one of my friends told me to shut the 'eff' up while running a race. Those have been the special moments.

I have made mistakes and failed, but also have been met with equal amounts of success. For instance I decided to fix a broken sink myself. BIG failure, but I learned how to do it myself next time. I successfully put on a conference at work, by myself that was a huge success. Of course I had help from others, but the primary work was done by me. I helped my friend with the painting of her living room and am looking forward to more weekends on the other rooms of her house.

I have gone camping, taken afternoon naps with my pup, shared campfire stories, made snow globes with my friends, decorated cookies with my nieces and nephews, went to state parks with my mom, talked TV with my dad, made apple sauce, spent days at the zoo with friends and their kids, held babies, celebrated the lives of friends, shared in my friends joys and successes, and moments of sadness.

I have talked to much and listened intently (can't say more because I don't think that is possible). I have learned from every person that has crossed paths with me in a meaningful way.

My point is this, I have lived!!! And although many of my life lessons have come from training for races, just as many of those lessons and life victories have come from the people I have chosen to share my life with.

Thank you for taking part in this journey of mine this past year. I know there will be as many peaks and valleys next year, and I invite you to continue reading (if you can handle the horrific grammar).

Your friend,


PS, I know these pictures are repeats, but they are some of my favorite memories from this year!!!

Camping with my friends and my pup!

Volunteering with my Mom and Sister!

Riding 60 plus miles with a wonderful friend!

Finishing a half Iron Man!!!!!

Running a 10 miler.

Surfing with my cousin, nephew and sisters. 

Hiking the Napali Coast with my nephew.
Painting my friend's house.

Being goof with the kiddos!

Making cookies with the kiddos. 

Enjoying the smile of my smarty, witty, cutie niece.

Having another Thanksgiving with my parents!

Learning how to sew. 


  1. What a year! Glad I could be a part of the journey and I can't wait to see what this next year brings you!

  2. Great post Sarah. Good year with some good accomplishments, good times with friends & family, and some strength building challenges. All to provide a great spring board for 2014. Happy New Year.

  3. Looks like it was an amazing year!!!