Sunday, December 8, 2013

Why Not?

If you ask my friends what I have been talking about this week, they will tell you I have been obsessing about this message I saw on the Angry Jogger's blog. He posted a video, featuring Kevin Smith about life. I am not going to embed the video on my blog because the language in the video is potentially offensive, but if you want to watch it, you can find it here.

I got a sewing machine last week, and since I have gotten that machine I have received a million questions as to why I got a sewing machine. I really don't have an answer except it was there with this glow around it, screaming, I know you want me!!! Well, I got it and I made a night gown. There are several more projects to come!

Last winter, around this time I decided to do the half ironman. I blogged about people's reaction to my announcement of doing that race, and I was frequently met with the big question, WHY? I never really had a good answer except for, why not?

Well after watching this video this week, that talks about the reaction of critics to artists' goals, I of course related it to my ironman and then life in general. I never looked at the response of 'why not' as a good answer, but now that I have talked about it more, I can tell you that the why not world is where I want to live...

I already live in a declarative world. I announce I am going to do something and then I do it. I might fail hard, as a matter of fact, I have been failing at one goal pretty hard core for several weeks now (that changes today), but I always get up and dust myself off. If I am encountered with something new or a challenge, I want to be known as the person who will jump on the bandwagon (as long as it isn't detrimental to my health or well-being), and embark on the journey. You ask why? Well, my response - Why Not???

If I continue to ask myself why before I sign up for every race, or go out for every workout, my guess is I wouldn't make it out the front door, but every time I find myself saying why not, I end up having an experience that I am excited to live again or NEVER do again.

Take running a half marathon, I honestly didn't know why I signed up for my first, but I did. When I crossed that first finish line I thought I could accomplish anything!!!

On the other hand, there have been plenty of activities that I have done and have walked away scratching my head. A for instance? Going to an art museum... Why not go? Well because as much as I try to understand how splatters on a canvas can be considered art, I still do not have an answer. But why is it important that art exists? Two reasons, one is for my little niece who I think is meant to be an artist, and that is cool. The second is because my best friend might believe those splatters are inspiring, and for that the art might be a gift.

So what I am trying to say here, is before you respond to someone who challenges you with a new opportunity or idea, think about Kevin Smith's message (if you watched the video)... After all, if I spent to much time thinking about that first half marathon, first Olympic distance triathlon, first iron man, I may have never seen the start line, or understood what I was capable of after crossing the finish line.

Try out the 'why not' world. You might just like what you find within yourself!

And here are some pictures from this year, because I said WHY NOT!!!
After 8 hours and some change I finished my first half ironman.

The medal from the above race. 

Standing for the first time on a surfboard while in Hawaii.

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