Sunday, December 15, 2013

Where did all the Water Go?

I was sick recently. Sick enough to think I needed to go to the hospital. Was the trip to the ER necessary? Well, that is debatable depending on who you talk to, but I stand by that trip (my pocketbook might not, but I still haven't gotten that bill). I walked into the hospital crying and miserable. After a 5 hour stay and a bag of fluids, I left laughing; well not heartily, but still chuckling about things. 

Recently I have been running no more than 3 miles at a time, and then yesterday that changed. I went out for an unintended 4 miler. The schedule said 2 miles, my friend and I decided to go for 3 and then somewhere during the run we decided to do 4. I am so grateful we did the 4 but I realized during that run that water is necessary. I was parched while trying to make it up the effing hill!

This morning I was cleaning up from a small dinner party I hosted yesterday that involved prime rib, cookie decorating and snow globes. While in the middle of loading my dishwasher with the second round of dishes, my water quit working. Seriously, I can't even get a drip to come out of any faucet it my house. I texted my neighbor and she doesn't have water either. I can't shower, wash dishes or wash any clothes. I'm most bothered by the shower part.

All of this to say water is necessary! Drink some!!!