Sunday, January 26, 2014


Again, you would have to be living in a cave to NOT know about the weather situation across the US. My mom and I have talked about it at great length and it does seem that people are starting to get used to it, maybe not enjoying it, but are at least used to it. The weather is making the run difficult. Now, I do have a gym membership, but it has been so cold, I haven't wanted to leave my house after getting home from work. I feel really bad for people who have Seasonal Affective Disorder because this winter is probably producing even more profound impacts on those folks.

Anyway, all week, I made the choice to curl up in front of my fireplace rather than brave the bone chilling cold. Saturday morning was a different story, I woke up, looked at the several inches of fresh snow and knew I had to take on this 5 mile run. Plus I had plans after the run and needed to get myself moving and motivated to leave my house.

Off to Westerville, Ohio I went. The usual 20 minute drive, took about 40 minutes. I was about five minutes late but still got there before my group headed out. this run was SLOW going. We trudged through sand like snow. At the half way water stop, I told someone that I would be very happy to have someone pick me up! She told me if that were the case I would regret it later. I can honestly say, I would have gladly taken a ride, based on the soreness of my body today.

Anyway, one of my friends pointed out that I had been antsy all week and so she knew I probably needed to go out for a run. She was absolutely right. You see, the run for me, well all exercise BUT yoga really, is like that really reliable friend. You know the friend I'm talking about, the one who would let their feelings and thoughts take the back seat on occasion to make sure your needs are met. I hope everyone has a friend like that because I surely do. The added bonus is I have my exercise routine that is just as reliable in helping me cope with life. Yesterday was one of those days where even though I didn't want to run, I could have quit half way, and it was like running through sludge, I still got a content feeling at the end. That is the true definition of reliable.

And tonight I have to do yoga......


  1. Yep. Another point toward your bad a$$ merit badge! Although you've really already earned it and are working on a second one.

  2. Great job, Sarah! Running in the cold is definitely tough, but you have shown that you are tougher! It's the tough runs that make us feel the best and the proudest. Congratulations!