Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Vortex

So, if you are a living and breathing being, you know that this week has been quite the week. The snow and cold, and rain and ice, and mishaps that so many people encountered. People I know have been dealing with flooding, broken pipes, car accidents, broken vacuums, busted faucets, illness, sick animals, and the list could probably continue. To put it simply, this week sucked!!! I am not a doomsayer so for me to say that is fairly extreme. I can typically find the awesome in a week, and I have had some awesome this week thanks to my friends, I even kind of enjoyed refrigerator shopping if you can believe that, although I still haven't made the purchase.

Anyway, this polar vortex that took over the United States trampled on so many people's spirits, not to mention it made running, for this outside only runner, virtually impossible. Even if I wanted to go and work out at the gym early this week, the frigid air kept me curled up in a ball next to my fireplace. I watched silently on facebook as people braved the cold temps, but my brain was telling me the difference between bad ass and just plain stupid for myself... Again, this only applied to me!!! Everyone has a different threshold.

The important thing though, is to not let myself get sucked into this New Year's vortex and simply expect that this year is going to be as much of a bummer as the first week. It is also important for ME to remember that a few cold days won't kill my training for my half marathon and grant myself forgiveness for the crappy run that was yesterday. Full on foot dragging, running too fast and temperatures took a toll. It was just one tough week in what is going to be a year that tops my 2013!!!

And now I say good bye to the polar vortex...

Here is a little Cold Weather Blues by Muddy Waters for your listening pleasure:

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