Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Stretch

I know I mentioned in my New Year's post that I am going to be taking a class, and it starts tonight. I'm not very excited about this class but am doing it as it was recommended by my doctor; a prescription of sorts. Of course I have a companion for this adventure and that takes the edge off BIG time. My goal is to stick with it for the first four weeks and then see what happens.

Why am I so nervous though? Seriously, it isn't that big of a deal... It is simply exercise to strengthen my body but it puts me on edge. I think the true barrier is not knowing what to expect and wanting it to come naturally to me, however NOTHING athletic comes naturally to people who come from my parent's gene pool (sorry siblings but you know it is true).

So here is the commitment I am making to myself:

I am going to show up and do what I can and have fun with my friend (which is the easiest part of the night). I am going to take it seriously and learn something new. I will recognize that it may be the most challenging thing I will take on this year, but at least I will have gone outside of my comfort zone. I will allow myself to be nervous because after the fact I will be able to laugh at myself for being such a drama queen about it. I will let my friend carry some of the burden for my nerves since she is so 'effing' calm about it. I swear, the things that make her tick are laughable to me and the things that make me tick are even more laughable to her!!!

So, this is all I can do: show up, be present, enjoy the experience and be thankful that I am willing to stretch myself.

Don't be surprised if there is a follow up to this post prior to next Sunday.