Sunday, September 21, 2014

If You Can't Beat Em, Join Em

Susan, Me and Sue - Pre Race
I am a person who likes to have plans. I typically choose an event and beg Sue to join me. This time? Sue chose an event, mentioned it and I said OK. I also dragged another friend into this race.

This weekend was all about OSU. Now, I went to the University of Colorado at Boulder. I wouldn't say that I was a huge football fan, actually my friend and I were talking about the fact that I was more annoyed by football because the traffic made getting to the mountains difficult... But I am a loyal lover of the Buffs, from affiliation alone. So when Sue asked me if I would do this race with her, my natural answer was yes, but that was more because she wanted to do the race, and less because I got to cross the finish line on the fifty yard line.

So, yesterday, Sue and I were heading out to get our packets, and I expressed to her, that I wanted to be like the Amish this weekend. What does that mean? I just wanted to fit in with the crowd (the Amish do NOT like to stand out among their peers), and not wear a Michigan shirt like I initially planned. We went to pick up our packets and were faced with poorly sized, long sleeve OSU shirts. I planned to wear that shirt for the race but knew it was going to be HOT today and I had no interest in being hot while running this race because of a silly shirt. This is when our plans changed, and we went on the hunt for OSU gear. We had these great plans of finding cheap shirts. I mean, there has to be a place in Columbus where we could find something cheap, right? Oh, so wrong!!! But we did find ourselves the gear to make it official. I joined em!!!

So, at 8:15 or so this morning, Susan and Sue showed up at my house to take on the OSU world. We ate some breakfast cookies, and headed out for our race!!!

We went to the race with the plans of running together, my favorite way to run a race! We watched the fabulous M3S team and the OSU football players rev up the crowd. We then lined up to run this fabulous course. Three miles in I turned into negative Nelly for a moment, but we kept at it, and the finish line was quick to appear after that point. I am always extremely awed by the enormity of a football field, and today was no exception. Whether you are a football fan, or not, you have to admit, there is something incredible about that field! I had such a great time chatting with Susan and Sue as we weaved through the campus of OSU!!! Oh, and we were also very fortunate enough to run into the lovely Nita, the awesome Jimmy and the fabulous Laurie!!!
At mile 2ish, snapped by Jimmy!!!

Shortly after crossing the finish line Susan went missing, I collapsed, and Sue rescued my cane and managed to get it back into fort Knox for me. The race performance was nothing to get excited about, but the event was. I have never been happier to show up for something that was important to my friend. I always treasure the memories that are created during a race.

I guess you can say the OSU allure, pulled me in... And so I joined em...

We Finished!!!


  1. Yeah S, S & S! Go Red!

  2. You've even got the O-H-I-O part of "Hang On Sloopy" down pat now! You're truly a Buckeye!