Sunday, September 7, 2014

This Random Life

I'm lost for fodder this week. So I'm going to go with a random post. Random events from a random week? That sounds like fun, right?


I have this little friend named Piper/Pipes/Piper bug/Piper Diaper, and she is my cat. I love my cat!!! Piper keeps life interesting. Between her interest in taking showers and playing fetch with paper or socks or hats or bras, she has picked up a new hobby this week. Want to know what this hobby is? She drags clothes around my house.

Yesterday, I went to celebrate a friend's wedding. Before that, I was out riding with my friend Sue. To say my Piper Bug was a little neglected for the day would be an understatement. Anyway, I got home from the day and clothes were strewn all over my living room. At first I thought my house was ransacked and someone had stolen all of my worldly possessions, but my computer was sitting right on my chair, and so were my running shoes, so I knew it wasn't that. I then walked down to my basement and there was a dress laying on the stairs. Then Piper started pulling a shirt around the basement, and it hit me!!! Her new hobby is dragging clothes around my house. If only she would pull my clothes into my bedroom, fold them and put them away!


Sue and I have been cycling even though the big ride is over. I love cycling with her because we have this rhythm that is unparalleled. We ride next to eachother most of the time, but we also take our times to ride solo, several hundred feet away from eachother. It is awesome to have a friend to ride with, who really understands you.

So this week we have ridden twice. On Wednesday night we were betting on our speed. I kept saying that we weren't riding all that fast. Sue predicted 14 miles per hour, I predicted 13 miles per hour. We kept clipping along in this rhythm. At the end of the ride, I pulled my phone out of my bra, and there we learned we had ridden 14.7 mph.

Yesterday, we went out for our ride, and immediately started wining about how difficult the ride was, but we stuck with it. We ended up riding 24 miles. Again, at the end of the ride, I pulled my phone out of my bra and that is when Strava informed us that we were riding 14.7 mph again. No wonder it was difficult!!! Now, I realize that really isn't that fast to some folks, but it is a huge improvement for us. I have to admit that I am proud of our efforts!!!


It was hot this week, until yesterday. Not only was it hot, but it was humid!!! As no surprise to me, running has been a struggle. I like to say that I am heat sensitive, it just makes me feel better. On the total opposite end of the spectrum, our running speed this week has suffered, or has it? I think it has. I went out for a run on Tuesday with my friend Jen, and we were slowish. On Thursday, it was killer outside but Sue and I hit the trail anyways. Today we were thankful for a little relief. My watch was dead, I turned on Strava and stuck it in my bra (see a trend here?) and took off without having any consciousness about our speed. I felt like we were cruising!!! Finish the run, pull the phone out and learn we were running a 13:19.

Here is what I have to say about the speed demon (and I don't mean the fast one)... Who cares!!! Sue and I got out there and ran! That is AWESOME!!!

And there you have it, a few random thoughts from this random week!!!

Oh, and today I got home to yarn unraveled and strewn about my house. I love you Piper!!!

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