Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Lesson for the Friends

What do you do during your 'off season'? Well let's first define what an off season is for me... In my world, any time I am not registered for a big event, or the event I am registered for is more than 20 or so weeks away, I call it off season. One of my favorite things to do when I am not training for something is, well, nothing.

The last big event of 2014 is over. Pedal to the Point ended two months ago today. I'm still mourning the completion of the best event of the year, and certainly the most memorable of my life. Finishing Pedal to the Point was something!!! No other word can explain it...

So this is where I get to the point, and really explain what I do in my off season. I have post event depression, I watch copious amounts of TV, eat copious amounts of ice cream, lay on the couch, and do crazy household projects...

I am often told that I am not good at living in the moment, but I can tell you when you are on episode 23 of Sister Wives, finished a season of Breaking Amish, have 13 old window shutters, a new mountain of laundry needing to be folded, and a kitchen that hasn't been cleaned in too long, it might be time to quit living in the moment, because the moment is only getting more pathetic! I do have to say that the household projects have really turned into my biggest hobby, but there is only so much work that can get done before one starts making mistakes. So... what to do but sign up for, or plan my next series of events. If I don't start my planning now, I might end up eating more ice cream, collecting more junk and fill my basement with more yarn and laundry mountains. All of which won't get dealt with until someone comes to visit!!!

I seriously think this time should be called the lazies because, that is exactly what I am right now... So, let's get to the planning!!!

If you've been following along, with my blogging world, you know that I plan to hike Pikes Peak in 2015. I haven't heard much about this event in awhile, but my friend and I still plan to go! Even if we have to go on our own, we will hike!!! My first, and probably last 14er...

I signed up for the Toledo Half Marathon shortly after Pedal to the Point. This is quite exciting because I'm still hoping I can talk my friend and her husband to come out and run.

I am pretty sure another quick MS ride is in the works for 2015, likely in Washington, DC. I'm thinking a 50 miler will do the trick in 2015... Maybe more, but 50 miles, early in the summer sounds appropriate.

I also got another friend to commit to a half iron, but not for a few years. I'll take it, because it means that I will have to keep my eye on that prize by riding and swimming, in conjunction with my running!

For all of these events, I will likely be tugging on someone's pant leg to join me (insert your eye roll here), although I have already convinced a lucky few to join in on the fun above. As the schedule fills up, builds out, etc. the requests may get more intense, so watch out!

There is a lesson in here for my friends... Make sure I'm always training, or you just might be the one who is being lured into one of the best, most fantastic, amazing events of your life!!! Don't believe me? Well... look back in this blog, and you will see the proof!

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  1. I think that Christina should get signed up for the D.C. 50 miler right now. It is sure a far cry from 75 or 100. Signed...your limping Mother!