Sunday, October 19, 2014


Whoops, missed a week...

When I went up to Canada to run the Niagara Falls Woman's Half Marathon, I was embarking on a whole new experience. It included crossing a border, eating out all meals for several days before the race, the metric system on the course, and the most robust race packet I have ever seen.

Here's the funny story that has never been told. All the volunteer shirts said voluncheer. I thought it
Remember this finisher's photo?
was one of two things: a) the screen printers screwed up, or; b) the Canadians had some weird way of saying volunteer. I mean either could have been possible, right? Well, I believe it was while we were running this lovely half marathon that I finally asked Sue if that spelling was french or something, because it occupied my brain so much that I needed to know!!! She then, so kindly (or not), laughed and told me it said volunCHEER!!! It was a play on words, who knew?

Fast forward to this October, and I saw the 2014 Columbus Marathon volunteer shirts and found myself bummed that we, in America, like to spell words correctly, or don't like to make up words. 

This weekend, I found myself participating in the perfect combination of that play on words...

Friday night I spent several hours handing out race shirts to the wonderful athletes who were participating in the marathon weekend. It was fun to hear and see all of the excitement buzzing around the expo center. Hundreds of people getting ready to complete their journey to the finish line!

Then, you know what I did today? Only the second best thing you can do on marathon weekend... I picked an athlete and chased her around town on my bicycle. Sue and I met up at 7:30ish and chased a special person through the city. She may not remember when we saw her, or how many times we saw her, but I can tell you, the smile that appeared on her face every time she saw her mom was worth every second of my time.

What a way to spend a day!!!

If ever you want to get involved in a marathon weekend, but you don't want to run/walk the marathon, pick a special person, chase them around town and fuel them with your energy. Go out and VOLUNCHEER!!!!!!!

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