Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Great Escape

I have some friends who are data people. I get it, but I don't thrive on it. Over the past several weeks, maybe even month, I have been running and cycling sans a gps device. I have absolutely no clue how many miles have been logged, although I could figure it out if I wanted to. The thing is, it has been nice. 

I'm sure you have all had a bad day. What is the first thing you do when you have a bad day? My guess is you do exactly what I do... Wish it away. Thing is, you can't wish away a bad day, you have to get through it and NOT over it. The best way to cope with anything is to face it head on. Well sometimes an escape is just as nice.

So how do these two topics merge together? Well, my friend and I were talking about all of the runners in this world and why they run. I stated that they are escaping. I do want to mention that there is a VERY big difference between 'running from' and 'escaping'. By escaping, I really mean taking a break. Running from is trying to get away from something hoping to never look back. 

I think there are two types of people/runners; those that run away from, and those that escape. 

When I am tied to data, I am more likely running away from something. When I finish a run with all of my data in hand (mind you, if I were training right now, there likely would be data mining going on) I immediately analyze and focus on the next run, never allowing myself to focus on what might still need attention pre-run. 

Well, since I have let go of needing the data, and gone back to running for the sake of running, I have been able to use running as a momentary escape that then allows me to just be while the world swirls around me. It gives me the strength, the willingness to face what I need to deal with when I reemerge from those moments of escape. What kind of runner are you?

Here is a very good video of a favorite song... Check it out, although if you are on a mobile device, you likely won't be able to view it here, instead YouTube, Great Escape by Patrick Watson...

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