Sunday, November 30, 2014

Final Thankfuls

And here is my final thankfuls for November. Thanks for sticking with me through the month of thankfuls!

November 23: Mexican Food - To celebrate one of my friend's birthdays, I met her and her husband at the most delicious Mexican restaurant I have been to. I'll certainly be going to that restaurant again.

November 24: Walgreen's - In a pinch Walgreen's is there for last minute photos and medicine. Walgreen's saved the day while making a birthday gift!

November 25: Birthday Dinners - I have several friends who have birthdays the same week as me. For the past few years, three of us celebrate our dinner together. You know what I like about birthday dinners? Time with my friends and dessert!

November 26: My friends - This was one of my friend's birthdays. Singing happy birthday to my friend reminded me that friends are really awesome. They celebrate you because they want to, and I got to celebrate my friend because I wanted to...

November 27: Turkey Trots - My sister signed me up for a notoriously hilly Turkey Trot in Palos Hills, Illinois. I have heard rumors about what I might be getting myself in to: all up hill, lots of hills, 12 hills in four miles. Then when I got there one of my sister's friends told me about the hill that appears twice. At this point I got freaked out... it was cold, there were lots of hills and I hadn't run 4 miles in a couple of months, at least; I had no idea what to expect at this point. I took off at a steady run, and, I'll tell you what, the hills weren't that bad. It was a great way to start the day!

November 28: My Niece and Nephew - I love all my nieces and nephews, but this past weekend I got to spend an evening with two of them. We went to Texas Roadhouse, and you know what? The excitement over big knives, cinnamon butter and peanuts created this awesome fun atmosphere. It was great to share the night with those little buggers!

November 29: My parents - I have been dreaming up homemade Christmas gifts this season. I am making all gifts to save some pennies and because it gives me immense satisfaction to make gifts for friends and family, that they might actually enjoy. So my dad and I were working on one gift. It didn't quite work out as planned so we changed our direction after a quick shopping trip with my mom, and were successful creating another gift. Spending time with my parents always sparks some creativity!

November 30: Piper - I was driving home from Chicago and Piper was happily keeping me company. She likes to meow every once in awhile, probably to let me know she is there. Well I stopped to get gas and at some point she dove across the car and I laughed. After getting gas, we drove and drove and it occured to me, when I had to make a really hard stop, that I hadn't heard or seen Piper in awhile. I FREAKED OUT!!!!!!!! My friend got a phone call while I was holding back tears, trying to find her!!! She was trapped between my two back seats, and I found her while on the phone with my friend... Piper sat next to me the rest of the way home, meowing every five minutes or so. Perfect company for my drive.

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