Sunday, November 16, 2014

More Thankfuls

Sometimes it can be difficult to recognize what I am thankful for, especially when I am encountered with challenges. Take for instance being covered in stain, and having it splattered all over your laundry room... Or dropping your keys in a public toilet before having a chance to flush. It is a very good exercise to do thankfuls when I am having a particularly challenging week. Thankfuls may be difficult to identify when in flux, but they can improve your mindset.

November 9: Kid Dates - I've been promising my friend's son, for a few months, that I would take him to Chuck E Cheese. Last Sunday, I picked him up and introduced him to the wonderful world of tokens, mediocre pizza and tickets. We had such a great time playing ski ball and every other game in that establishment.

November 10: Resiliency - As I mentioned earlier, I've had quite the week with computer outages, stain flying around my house, and keys in the toilet. Here's the thing... I've gotten to the point that I can laugh at all of these obstacles, thanks to practicing resilience.

November 11: Veterans - Every year, on veteran's day, I have the day off work. Historically I have appreciated the day because I didn't have to work, but things have changed. Trust me, I still appreciate my work free day, but more importantly, I appreciate all of the people who make the choice to serve and help us maintain our freedom in this great country of ours.

November 12: Youngstown - OK, so let me clarify, Youngstown is a mess, but there are people in Youngstown who are passionate and working with them reminds me to be excited about work.

November 13: Medicine - I wrote all about medicine on my other blog this week. Medicine is, quite frankly, a pain in the butt... Remembering handfuls of pills on a daily basis sounds simple, but it isn't, especially when you add pills to your regimen. Although I do not like to over medicate, I appreciate the necessity of the medicine I do take, and for the minimization of symptoms as a result of the medicine

November 14: Junk - I am making Christmas presents this year, other people's junk has been my treasure. Any of my friends who have been to my house recently can tell you my basement is full of other people's junk that I am turning into treasures for my people!

November 15: Running - I can do it, it makes me feel better, and I get to spend time with my amazing friend. What's not to be thankful for?

So, there you have it... My thankfuls from Sunday through Saturday. Try it out!!! This is the perfect month to be thankful, and let people know.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your us something to be thankful for.