Sunday, November 23, 2014


Week three of my thankfuls makes me realize that there are so many things in this world that make me happy. Here's this weeks list. If your looking for more of an athletic blog post this week, you should hop on over to my MS blog for the week. Otherwise, read my thankfuls here...

November 16: Organized Closets - My friend came over and helped me organize a closet last Sunday. After organizing we went walking through antique malls. It was such a fun day and now I have the most organized guest room closet I've ever seen.

November 17: New Colleagues - I got a new colleague this week who is awesome. I'm looking forward to working with her and maybe practice my exercise bully skills. We will see...

November 18: Doctors - I'm pretty sure this has been on my list for the last couple of weeks, but here is the thing... My medical team rocks! From the mind to the body, the people who support me medically are committed to my overall health, for that I am thankful.

November 19: Dreams - Ask me about my wacky dreams. If you lived in my brain at night, you might understand where my athletic ideas come from.

November 20: Words With Friends - This does not mean you should all go and request a game with me because I can guarantee I will turn down your request. I have a few people I play with daily, and my list will stay small. Here's the thing. I'm an extrovert who lives with a cat. I've turned into the cat lady!!! But, Words With Friends has given me my connection to the outside world as I sit at home in the evenings. I love it!!!

November 21: Dad Bernie - My dad rocks. He takes care of me, even at the ripe age of 35.

November 22: Sue - I have the best friend... She organizes closets, laundry rooms, goes to stupid movies with me, rides her bike with me, challenges me to help me become a better person. I got to spend my birthday with her... I am so thankful that she chose to spend the day with me when I'm sure she had other things to do, but she did really make me feel special. It really was a fun day! 

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