Wednesday, July 15, 2015

God Stopped Crying BUT Forgot to Iron the Earth

Sue and I had another fantastic adventure this past weekend. We took on another MS ride for which we raised over $1700 between the two of us. Thank you to those who have donated. If I haven't sent an email to thank you yet, I'm sorry, but you will get one soon!!!

When Sue and I signed up for this ride, I personally thought it would be a rolling hill kinda ride; not a pounding hill after hill, leg cramping, 50 mile up hill vs. 5 mile down hill kinda ride... We got the latter. And you know what? We cranked it out!!!

Sue and I headed out around 7:15 to embark on our 50 mile journey. What they don't tell you when you sign up for these rides, is that the mileage is a rough estimate. So, you may have paid for 50 miles, but then the race organizers decide to throw in 5 extra for free. Not something you asked for, but were graciously given... Do you say thank you? Or expletive you? It really depends on the ride. This weekend, had I not been in a very positive mood, I would have said expletive you, simply because of the terrain.

We had quite a nice ride for the first couple of miles because it was all down hill. Then Sue pointed out that we were going to have to ride up those hills on our way back. Oh boy!!! Why did she have to point that out? I was still enjoying the cruise down the hill!!!

AND then the hills started slamming us, one after the other, after the other, after the other until one rest stop down... Then the hills again, one after the other, after the other... rest stop and repeat!!! The hills were relentless, but so was our effort!!!

We met several interesting people along the way. People who asked questions that still perplex us today, people who had no boundaries, people who were kind. It was all sorts of fun!!! In true Sarah and Sue fashion, we took our time and stopped at every town to take a picture; stopped to read every historic marker, stopped at every main street sign, stopped to eat snacks, and stopped just to laugh...   We ate little Debbies, snow cones, trail mix and more!!!

All in all, it was another very memorable experience, with my very awesome friend!!!

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