Monday, July 20, 2015

This is Real... Real Life...

In my world, with every good plan comes a slump... We'll call this the exercise slump! First it was the rain, but I managed to semi-train for the bike ride through that. Then it was the heat. OH. MY. GOSH. the HEAT!!!!! It took my breath away this weekend. I did everything I could to stay inside, except for when I didn't. For example, my neighbor's weeds were about to make me crazy, so I pulled them!!! (Not before I pulled my own though, for those who are shaking their heads right now.) I also found myself at the Jazz and Ribs Fest, and today at the Franklin County Fair. Really, at both fest/fair outings, I was on the hunt for roasted corn. Would you believe the Fair didn't have any? It was so shocking...

I'm not a winter weather complainer. I save it all up for the summer because, well, the heat is icky to me!!! I only wish I could blame my slump on the weather. If I'm being honest, I just haven't had the desire. I could say it is lack of energy, but I know that is only partially the truth. I could also say that it is because I've been busy, and that is true, but there is always time for a good workout! I could also say that my MS is flaring up, and while that is definitely true as it relates to the heat, it certainly wouldn't be giving me a whole lot of credit! I know I am better than all these excuses.

So, what is it really? Every day, as I find myself on the couch before the workout is done, I am shortly thereafter beating myself up for not getting out there. My true saving grace include all the workout plans I have. I love that I have standing plans, whether it be workout or otherwise, four days a week with one of my friends. I also love that I have my MS exercise class two days a week. Both of those standing plans keep me somewhat motivated. But what about that triathlon I am registered for in 5 short weeks? How am I possibly going to cross that start line, if I haven't been able to cross the training starting line? I was doing well for a day here and there, but getting out for the dreaded hot run, and getting to the gym for the swim has been a challenge.

AND, what about that healthful eating I used to do? I think my doctor might have a heart attack when I go in for my annual physical this week, that is if I don't have a heart attack first.

Despite all these slumps, I have had a pretty productive "event" summer thus far: one half marathon, one ten miler, four 5ks, and one fifty-five mile bike ride. Yet, I sit here wondering what happened to my triathlon plans... I've done one half ironman, and am shooting for another next year, but am not progressing as I would like.

I refuse to beat myself up, and fall into the social media hole of discouragement from those who seem to never have a struggle because THIS IS REAL!!! REAL LIFE!!! Sometimes plans do not work out as intended, so you have to pick yourself up and move forward...

And that is exactly what I'm going to do. I'll likely change my next triathlon to the sprint distance race, and sign up for a different Olympic distance race in September. I'll make new plans and try to move forward knowing that life may have different plans for me, but also knowing I didn't throw in the towel. 

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  1. Life is no fun if everything goes as planned :) and ahem, the heat is a good excuse for anyone to be cautious about exercise. Carry on!