Friday, August 21, 2009

Dig Deep

Think about a time when you were in little league or some organized sport (or band) in high school and your coach is shouting at you in a gruff low voice: “Dig a little deeper.” You think “dude I’m doing the best I can;” however you start running harder, squatting lower, playing louder or simply focusing more intensely on your competition. Do you remember those days??? I do…

I was getting ready to run yesterday with my best buddy Robert Ullrey, when he told me through my iPod I was going to run twenty eight minutes. If you have been keeping up with my blog you would know I have already participated in plenty of events so 28 minutes should be nothing. My response to all you very appreciated supporters would be thank you but you are so wrong. Every time I face a ten minute run I am stretching myself.

I started my run and was feeling very good but at some point I lost my concentration and did the most painful thing you can do as a non enthusiastic runner; I looked at my watch… I learned that I had only completed eight minutes of my run. I thought to myself, just make it to the half way point when Robert tells me I’m doing a good job and then I can take a break.

Something interesting happened to me when Robert told me I was half way there. I responded to this statement as a challenge rather then a moment to take a break; I kicked up my pace and kept running. At one point I thought to myself in that gruff coach voice “dig a little deeper Sarah.” I quit looking at my watch, and started listening to my body which was telling me to keep going! All of a sudden my good friend Robert told me I could quit running and cool down for five minutes; Thank Goodness!!!

Last night I was talking with one of my new friends here in Columbus and heard some very interesting words fall out of my mouth. I was saying the run was easy. At that moment I realized my words and thoughts influenced my desire. Once I decided to finish the 28 minute run, it became easy. Those words "dig deep" are amazing. They taught me my mind is the most powerful influence in achieving my goals, if I believe it I can do it. Even more amazing??? I actually want to do a half marathon.

I hope my good friend Robert is listening out there somewhere!!! I can’t wait until he creates a 10k or half marathon podcast!

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