Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Everyone has the desire to win...

but only champions have the desire to prepare." I found this quote when I googled Scott Tinley for quotes comparing triathlons to pizza (this is what I end up doing when I am banished to the backroom in a professional office because I walked in wearing cut off shorts and a tie dye t-shirt). The quote made me think of something that has been very difficult struggle time and time again.

Every year I am determined to do my sprint triathlon at the end of the summer. In early spring I spend two weeks getting prepared to get prepared for the race.

You may be saying Huh???

All this means; I make sure the bike works, find my bike shorts, see if my swimming suit fits, and create a training schedule that I SWEAR I am going to stick with "this summer." And this summer always turns into next summer. You see, I frequently find myself saying "Oh, I still have (insert number of weeks until the race) weeks so I can start training next week." This would be OK if the calendar cooperated, and the race remained in the doable distance, however all of sudden it is inevitably going to be just 4 weeks out. This year I have been a lot better, I have trained consistently, but not using the coveted training schedule we found years ago which has successfully prepared many of my tri buddies for Olympic distance races.

I think I am going to find a race for late fall within driving distance of Columbus, and insert my desire to prepare, just to see the results of a "Champion."

Next post??? I may answer the following question: What defines a Champion...

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