Monday, August 24, 2009

Where to Buy a Wetsuit!

I was mentally preparing for the upcoming Chicago Triathlon on Sunday over the weekend, and this morning my sister called me to tell me how cold Lake Michigan is right now; a frigid 55 degrees. She also told me that one of our friends who will be participating in the race tried to rent a wetsuit, and while standing in line learned the store was out of rentals. This sent us into a fury to find wetsuits so we don’t all freeze our butts off while swimming.

I made phone calls, googled wet suit rentals, rent wetsuits, where to rent wetsuits in Columbus, cheap wetsuits, Columbus Ohio wetsuit rental. And every other combination of words you can think of to come up with nothing. I then remembered years ago walking through a Sam’s Club store and running into wet suits. I went to Sam’s Club on line and learned most of the stores in Columbus sell wetsuits. If you know anything about wetsuits you know that they can be VERY expensive, but I hopped in my car and went searching anyway.

I got to Sam’s Club walked up and down the isles and finally ran into my savior; fifteen and thirty dollar wetsuits! I am a very proud owner of one of the cheapest wetsuits in the world.

Chicago Tri, Here I come!!!


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