Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Highest High

Let me start by saying I had the best workout today. So good in fact I think I will never have to work out again in my life!!! No I'm just kidding; at least about the second statement.

I found inspiration in the weirdest place. I am going to admit something right now, that all of you readers must forget the moment you read it; I still watch MTV. Believe it or not I got my inspiration from the very channel that has made me lose all hope in the wealthy youth in the world; the youth who cry because their Mercedes Benz is off black NOT grey. So to the real story...

I was watching MADE: I wanna be a rapper and there was this young lady who was over weight and had a revelation about life while rapping. She realized that she was a deep person who had confidence. She discovered this while she was rapping about her feelings. I have been learning more and more that I need to take care of myself and express my feeling when I have them. What made all of this even more powerful is that in the past year I told a bunch of people jokingly that I was going to quit my job and become a rapper on a street corner in Columbus. I even have a "yo yo yo, I am a rapper doe" routine to prove it. I think seeing this TV show made me realize even more that we all need to dig deep to figure out what gives us that confidence; that high that is untouchable.

So the story is this, I saw this girl trying new things and it made me want to try new things too...

So back to my high... I woke up this morning at 6:00 am and thought it was too late to ride my bike to work and go to the gym. I then found myself saying "Sarah, normal people don’t fret when they get to work at 7:oo because normal people work 8-5, they are more shocked when they get to work that early." I also said to myself "today is the day that I begin taking care of me." All I mean by that is if I want to go to the gym and not get to work until 8:00 then so be it; Off to the gym I went on my bicycle.

I got to the gym did my best run of the season and I'll tell you what, I was HIGH!!! I'm talking the high I imagine you feel when you jump off of a crane with big rubber bands tied to your ankle. I am going to capsule that high and keep it close by for safe keeping!

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