Sunday, August 31, 2014


An old friend lived by the quote: 'Try again, fail again, fail better.' I like it! My sister and I were working on my nephew's tree house this morning, before I made the trek back to Ohio. She got to experience with me, what my friend Sue puts up with when I help her with house projects, failure the first time, success the third time... The beauty of the process is, once you figure out your mistake the first time, the second time it is much easier. Unfortunately, I had to leave before the second time.

I got home to Ohio, and was smacked in the face with incompetence and a bored cat. My cat is currently laying across my back, holding me down, so I have to lay here while typing. I'm OK with that... But I am practicing extreme patience at this fine hour of 10:44 pm, Sunday evening. I've never been so glad that I have the day after vacation off from work.

Tomorrow, I plan to try again. Many things went wrong today, but many things went right too.

For instance, my nephew has a sunroof on his tree house, and walls! How about that! I also got home without a speeding ticket, my cat is happy to see me (and I was happy to see her too, until about 30 minutes ago). The imperfections of my day, are what made my day perfect... The failed swing set project that I thought about for half my drive back to Ohio, the chewed up cord, and incompetence are all little gifts that are reminding me that patience and perseverance always wins.

So, I think I'm going to treat myself to some new running shoes and take them out for a spin because I'm convinced that my imperfect running style is is going to be as peaceful as it was to look at the completed walls and roof of my nephew's tree house, with the imperfect swing-set remaining there to remind me of life's little lessons on patience.

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