Monday, August 11, 2014

P2P Pictures

I'm still processing the Pedal 2 the Point ride. I honestly still can't believe we did that ride. It is surreal that so many people came together to ride with me. All of my siblings, two of their spouses, one of their uncles and two friends made the trek to Ohio. I have story after story from the weekend, but I have no way to adequately share the stories...

Quite honestly, I lived in fear of doing a big bike ride like this. I've always wanted to do a ride like this, but never had the right motivation. Overnight rides take so much training and willingness to sleep in an odd place between days. Also, the people you spend the days with is extremely important. It is like traveling. There are VERY few people who I would travel with, and this crowd is certainly on my travel list forever now.

Rather than tell the stories that I hold so dear, I have put together one memory that I want to keep with me, along with a picture of two of each person I rode with. These brief notes from each person will likely not mean much to many readers here, but they mean a heck of a lot to me.

As scared as I was of this bike ride, I'm glad I took the chance, had I not taken the chance I would never have known I could do it. This once again was a moment in which I learned that I should attack every challenge that I am faced with. Will I always succeed? Nope, but darn it, the journey will always be worth it!!!

Here is a picture journal of sorts, pictures don't always match the captions, but are memories from the person in the picture, that couldn't necessary be captured in a photo:

Tina - You mean blood should be flowing there while you are riding your bike? Said on day 2 of the ride when we adjusted the bike seat. 

Janell - She said, Don't forget my cell phone. You (Christina) and Sarah are the most forgetful and I am trusting BOTH of you to remember my phone

Meredith -  Escaping the corn in the middle of nowhere!

My Momma - The best medicine carrier, cheerleader a team could ask for.

Christina - Walking out of the bathroom to a stranger in the room. Oh yeah, and she only had on her swimsuit and towel.

Bernie - He said, Meredith isn't ready to go... While she is waiting to leave the room and he is laying in bed.

RJ - The garbage bag fashion show on our 100 mile day!

John - 6:30??? It doesn't start until 8:00??? AND, be nice to him, get his phone number and we will call his wife at 3 in the morning for a week straight.

Sue - The selfie that made me wipe out and ice cream cheers.

David - I only ate 7 yesterday, when asked how many HoHo's he ate the day before. 

The Raincoats!

The 100 milers... Missing two arms though

The Selfie

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