Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bike Shop Drama

It's been exactly a week since I signed up to do the 60 mile Tourdecure here in Ohio. Although I still stand by my decision to sign up for the ride I'm still freaking out. I think I have logged about 100 miles of riding this week, but I'm sure I should be logging much more. The struggle is finding a good route here in cBus where there is little traffic and NO college students (sorry little cousins who are reading this, but seriously you all text on your cell phones while driving WAY too much). The other struggle is finding riding time when I'm working too much.

My strategy for this week is to take an extended ride every morning, and take the super long way home from work.

So, my big excitement for the week was also my big disappointment. I took my bike to the bike shop in town and asked them to fix my "masking" taped together brake cables and give me an overall tune up. They told me they would complete my bike quickly (which they did) but when I went to pick it up, my bike cables were still taped together with masking tape, but they assured me they fixed my bike. I don't know about you but I thought since I paid a pretty penny to get my bike worked on the least they could have done is put gripping tape on the handle bars rather than re-taping with the masking tape. I did not have it in me to argue, I just made a statement about incomplete work and left the store. I thought "Oh well, I'll go home and fix it myself" (which if I took the time to tell you the entire story you would know my decision to fix it myself is why my brake cables are taped together with masking tape in the first place).

The decision to take my bike to a bike shop didn't end all bad though, once I got on my bike I took note that my tires were in fact full, my bike chain was aligned, and everything seemed tightened up. My brakes? They still rub.

Moral to the story, you pick because I can't figure it out:

1) Never try to fix my bike myself again.
2) Never go back to that bike shop.
3) Never let David (my cousin) talk me into another 60 mile bike ride.
4) Both 1 and 2.
5) All of the above.

I'll ponder this as I try to log twice as many miles this week...


  1. Maybe this was a compliment, and they thought they couldn't have done a better job with the taping themselves, so they left your lovely work intact.

    I love that you have an exercise bully urging out out for 60 mile rides - wish I were there - I'd help you log those miles - good luck!!
    PS your butt must hurt

  2. ps, although I'm a follower, I didn't get an email alerting me that you'd posted again. how do I get that to work?